Booking practical exams at Public Venues

When you book exams, you can choose a date and venue from a list of available options, but not a time.

Our practical exams run for different amounts of time with many things affecting the length of each exam, such as grade, time for tuning and extra time for any access arrangements. These time differences mean we cannot offer a list of available exam times for each day as we cannot predict what those exams will be. We could only offer specific time slots if all exams were the same length. We hope that knowing the date and venue of an exam at the time of booking helps teachers, parents and learners to plan. Once you know your confirmed exam time(s) you will have the option to log in and search for alternative appointments, if available, in the event that the time is not suitable.

Yes, you can select a different date/venue for different candidates as long as there is space available.

The online booking service will show all dates that are available, so there's no advantage to phoning up to check as well.

Once the booking period has closed and we have finalised the timetables we will send you an email to let you know that you can view your confirmed exam appointment online. This will be around two weeks after the booking period has closed. When you log in you will see exam times for candidates, as well as the date and venue that you have already chosen and booked.

This depends on how many candidates you have and the space available on any one date. For the best chance of booking all your candidates together, you will need to log in and book as soon as the booking period opens. This will provide the widest choice of exam dates.

You can book different dates (and venues) for different candidates. If you are booking a large number of candidates at a Public Venue, you may need to book them on different days, rather than all on one day. We would advise you to book as early as possible in the booking period to ensure you have the best chance of keeping all your candidates together.

Candidates who are part of the same booking for the same date and venue will be grouped together. However, we may change the order of your candidates to create the most efficient timetable for each day and to ensure the examiner has the correct breaks.

We recommend that you book your candidates’ exams in the order you would like them to take place. However, we cannot guarantee this will be the final order. We will keep all your candidates grouped together on the same day and at the same venue, but in order to create the most efficient timetable and to make sure the examiner has the correct breaks, we may need to change the order of your candidates.

You will not be able to change the order of candidates once you have booked and paid for your exams. This is to ensure that examiner breaks, which we cannot change, take place at the correct time.

Once the booking period has closed and timetables are confirmed, it may be possible to make late bookings for practical exams if space is available. However, you should not rely on late booking to secure an exam slot. Any available slots are likely to be limited and we cannot guarantee that you will be able to book an exam once the booking periods has closed. We are unable to accept late bookings for Music Theory exams.

We advise you to log in and book your exams as soon as the booking period opens, to make sure you have the widest choice of exams dates.

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